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Nicotine Free Herbal Kik Nik Candy

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Product Description: 

Satisfy your nicotine craving with nicotine free herbal Kik Nik candy

  • The best ever solution for your nicotine craving is the ayurvedic Kik Nik candy that comes in a pack of 85 grams. 
  • It tastes like tamarind (Imli) and satisfies your craving for nicotine. 
  • The herbal Kik Nik candy gives you the same kick as that of nicotine.
  • You just need to chew the candy and it will satisfy your craving. 

The herbal Kik Nik candy includes ingredients like Tulsi, Mulethi, ginger, menthol, etc. 

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● We have a standard shipping time of 1-7 business days within India. Your order will be processed within the next 24 hours.
● Items are only exchanged if they are faulty, damaged, or the incorrect item was shipped within the specified time frame of seven days.
● For other inevitable reasons, there will be no refunds.
● After 7 days, we are unable to honour exchange requests.

Care Instructions

● Smoking is not permitted in public places, whether it is tobacco or not.
● We assume you consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self-medicating.

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Kik-nik is a product offering chewable and swallowable herbal candy. It is designed to provide a similar experience to nicotine gum without containing nicotine. Kik-Nik may be used as a smoking alternative or as a flavorful candy for individuals seeking an herbal chewing and swallowing sensation.

Kik-Nik is meant to be chewed and swallowed. Simply place the candy in your mouth, chew it to release the flavors, and then swallow it. It can be enjoyed as a pleasant and herbal chewing experience. to satisfy your nicotine Craving.