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Ayurvedic Herbal Smoke 100% Tobacco-Free, 100% Nicotine-Free Natural Herbal Smoking Blend (250 Gram) Non Additives | Roll Your Own, Clove Flavour | Smoking Cessation - Helps In Quit Smoking

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  • Quit smoking with power of Ayurveda: In the emotional aspect of giving up smoking, An herb-based cigarette or Herbal blend plays an essential role allows you to continue smoking while the body clears out the addictive substance. It contains natural herbs clove, holy basil(tulsi), cinnamon, liquorice, menthol and green tea.
  • Let's beat the tobacco habit! It is made from pure and natural ayurvedic herbs. It is 100% Tobacco Free, Nicotine Free, Chemicals Free, Addition Free which helps to quit smoking.
  • A natural clove flavour with pleasant and durable smell, no bad breath. Make your own cigarette herbal or roll your with this 100% organic herbal mixture blend. Get over the nicotine addiction with style, good taste and all-natural herbs.
  • RYO mix 250 Gram (Clove mix) | Roll your own blend - A tobacco substitute, Made In India Product
  • An organic smoking blend herbal - a tobacco substitute helps in getting rid of habit of Tobacco smoking with the power of ayurveda. A clove mix herbal smoking blend is harmless and doesn't contain any additives.

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