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Royal Swag Cigarette Smoking Rolling Machine Quick Fill Tobacco Machine | Manual Cigarette Rolling Machine

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The Royal Swag Manual Cigarette Rolling Machine is Made Up Of Premium Quality Plastic and Metal material. It Is a Premier, Easy To Use Simply Operated Roller Machine Which Allows You To Make Your Cigarette For Regular Size Cigarettes. It Is Portable And Convenient Use Wherever You Go. It Is Non-Rusting, Clean, Tidy, And Eco Friendly. Along With this Feature, You Can Put Your Own Choice of Mixture Or Flavour. Now It Is Easy To Get A Perfectly Rolled Cone! It Doesn't Contain Any Additives. A Manual Cigarette Rolling Machine Is Easy To Use and Helps You Make Your Own Cigarette Efficiently. In Consideration Of The Different Tightness For The Tobacco Inside A Cigarette. Cigarette Rolling Machine Has A Function To Adjust The Tightness As You Like, That Makes You Real Best Fit Cigarette. Plus, You Can Put Your Flavor Tobacco Inside. All Of These Come To Our Goal To Help Making The Unique Cigarette Only Belongs To You! Apart From These, Here Comes The Most Special Part. You Can Use Rolling Paper Which Helps You Make Cigarette Much More Easily And Saving You Money. How To Use: Place a filter at the right or left end of the slot, if you want one in your cigarette. - Spread no more than 1g of loose-leaf Herbal Smoking Blend evenly on the surface of the rolling machine. Close the machine by gently squeezing the rollers together. Spin the bottom roller toward you in one full rotation. Place a rolling paper between the closed rollers with the adhesive gum facing you. Gently roll the paper into the machine. When you can only see the adhesive gum sticking out of the machine, lick it. Complete the roll by rotating both rollers toward you. Open the rollers, take out your rolled cigarette and enjoy!

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