Royal Swag Shot Liquid Spray


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Royal Swag Shot Liquid Spray

  • It has no side effects, helps in protecting lungs & drying of throat.
  • Detoxifies The Lungs And Supply Minerals And Nutrients In The Body.
  • Helps in curing multiple complications after or during rehabilitation period.
  • Eliminates addiction of alcohol,tobacco/smoking
  • Usage: Take 2 to 3 spray twice a dayRoyal Swag FIRST ODORLESS ANTI-TOBACCO

    There are four major aspects of tobacco addiction.

    1) Taste: Addicts are Brand Loyal.
    2) Kick: After consumptions they get toxic chemical high and then
    3) Craving: Because of chemical dependency makes physiological and psychological changes if they do not get it, they get anxious and restless.
    4) Anxiety: They need outside toxins again and again to neutralize antitoxins produced by body as self-defense mechanism to counter them.
    The anti-addiction Shots are Known to Help in Balancing the Human’s Emotional, Mental and Psychological Responses, Thus, it provides Long Lasting Relief from The Addiction of Any Harmful Substances Such as Smoking.


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