Royal Swag Herbal CLOVE Cigarette – Pack Of 10 (50 Sticks)




This is a Vegetarian product.This is a Vegetarian product.◾


  • Royal Swag Herbal cigarette is an innovative and research-based non-tobacco cigarette for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).- ROYAL SWAG CONTENTS.
  • Royal Swag is 100% Tobacco and Nicotine Free Ayurvedic Cigarette, which is made of from a mixture of various Ayurvedic medicinal Herbs.
  • ROYAL SWAG Herbal cigarette is formulated based on the concept of “Charaka Samhita”. Charaka Samhita is a book of Ayurveda, which is 5000 years old an ancient Indian system of medicine.
  • Healthy Smoke For Everyone.
  • Royal Swag is a tobacco substitute cigarettes which helps to quit tobacco smoking.
  • Royal Swag Clove Is a 100% Herbal Cigarette.
  • Royal swag Clove Is Helpful In Common Cold & Cough.



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