Royal Swag 100 MM King Size Leaf Rolls Ready to Use Cones Jar Of 25 Pcs Pack with 1 filling stick, Super Slow Burning, 100% Real Tendu Palm Leaf


  • Comfortable: Are you tired of rolling? Can’t roll your own? Not an issue. These are pre-rolled leaf cones! Simply fill, pack, and enjoy!
  • Package Contains: Tendu Palm Leaf 100 mm Long King Size With Filtered at back Positioned order to reduce damage comes in an airtight plastic jar
  • Holds up to 1 Full Gram of Material, Smooth Draw, and Slow Burn
  • Slow-burning rate: Enjoy your pre-rolled mixture each and every time. The Filtered facilitates a smooth, even burn, letting you enjoy your smoke from the first inhales to the last. For Best Quality Smoking herbal mixture used Royal Swag Herbal Mixture 100% Herbal and Made In India
  • 100% Natural With our cornhusk filters, there are no worries about flowers going through while being perfect for the milky smoke to come through. They are 100% Natural, along with all our leaves, and reduce any harshness. These filters are the most durable and effective in all gram palm leaves. Each blunt wrap contains no glue, is chemical free, and is the highest quality natural option on the market!
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These natural Tendu palm leaf blunt wraps are pre-rolled and ready to be rolled with your herbal smoking blend. They are sold in packs of 25. When you use them, each one should produce about 15 – 20 normal smoked pulls, but this will vary depending on the density of your material. Now anyone can easily roll their own Blunts by hand right in the comfort of their own home. These pre-rolled wraps are made from pure natural Tendu Palm Leaf and contain no additives, glue or chemicals. 100% natural with a taste that is unmatched in the rolling paper industry. Free yourself from the hassle of rolling with these natural tendu palm leaf wraps that are pre-rolled and ready to use. These wraps are an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to tobacco.Package Contains: Tendu Palm Leaf 100 mm Long King Size With Filtered at back Positioned order to reduce damage comes in air tight plastic jar

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